Salty’s feminism is not millennial pink. It’s not brand-safe, snackable, or neatly packaged for retweets.

Salty launched on International Women’s Day in 2018. (But was kicked off mailchimp a few hours later, lol.)

Salty is a 100% independently run, volunteer publication bouyed by the voices of women, trans and non binary contributors from all over the world. We’re a hodgepodge troupe of intersectional, imperfect, smart, multidimensional feminist writers, editors and creators and we want you to be part of the Salty world.

We’re Salty as hell and ready to change things up around here. We’re sex positive, body positive, and hella positive that the conversations around women’s sexuality and relationships need to be updated.

Regardless of where this project evolves in the future (events! Podcasts! Retail! Who knows??) we promise that we will keep these four tenets as our guide. We value celebration over condemnation, intersectionality, authenticity, fun, and respect.

Here are our central brand tenets:


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Are you new to Salty? Hi!!! Salty is new too! Salty is a community made up of smart, imperfect humans working towards creating a dialogue for better dating, sex and relationships for everyone. Welcome!! From day one, we created some brand tenets that we want to share with you. Where ever this project goes, we promise to uphold these core values and use them as Salty’s North Star. We value Inclusivity, Celebration over Condemnation, Authenticity, Fun and IMPORTANTLY- Respect. Some of you might notice that one is new. Like, duh, right? It should be a given, but it’s not in today’s world. As you can imagine, Salty covers some hot button issues and unfortunately, some people have (and will continue) come into Salty spaces and to make others feel small and unheard. That’s not what Salty is about- so now it’s part of our central brand tenets! Zero tolerance! By being here, you’re agreeing to abide by these too. Now, Lets Get Salty!!

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