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Claire Fitzsimmons is the Founder and Director of Salty.
Beauty / Black Experiences

Why I Cut My Locs

"I always felt I owed the world “femininity”, but interestingly, the world owed me...
Disability / Identity

The Limitations of Empathy

"For many autistic people who’ve been accused of not having (enough) empathy or of...
Disability / Health / Religion

Religion Won’t Heal My Disability. I Wish My Family Understood That.

"Why can't you just accept me for who I am?"

To the Girl With My Ex

"You just started dating a new guy, and he happens to be my ex-husband."
Body Positivity / Identity / queer

Why I’ll Never Change My Name, Even While Changing My Body

"Losing someone that young is so painful, that I honestly still don’t dare to...