Algorithmic Bias

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Doxxing and Domestic Violence: Same Wolf, Different Clothing

"Doxxing is a term used when a person (usually with a high profile) shares...
Algorithmic Bias / Feminism / Tech

No Safe Spaces: Misogynistic Harassment in Niche Digital Communities

"Their crusade wasn’t simply to defend their lord and savior, Woody Allen--it was to...
Algorithmic Bias

I Shared About My Assault Online and Instagram Deleted My Account

"I mean, come on–Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook as a way to rate women and...
Algorithmic Bias

Exclusive: Censorship of Marginalized Communities on Instagram, 2021 (PDF download)

Our second groundbreaking report into algorithmic bias, "Censorship of Marginalized Communities on Instagram"...
Algorithmic Bias

Social Media Sites are Censoring Transgender, Black, and Conservative Users – But for Very Different Reasons

"It's all about the grey areas."