Mental Health

Mental Health

The Voices and The Afterlife: My Experience with Schizophrenia and Spirituality

"Before I knew I was schizophrenic, I thought that I could connect with souls...
Asian Experiences / Mental Health

Ketamine Therapy Helped Me Accept Myself (For The Trash That I Am)

"Be your truest self. Your trash self. Be a disappointment!"
Black Experiences / Mental Health

Nina Simone is My Bipolar Hero

"Nina Simone reminds me that neurodivergent folks are tapped into another world and frequency;...
LGBTQIA+ / Mental Health

My Final Transformation: Learning to Love Myself

"Frankly, there have been many moments in my life where I believed I needed...
Mental Health

Skin Picking: The Unsexy Truth

"Reopening those wounds became a way to control my emotions, a reminder of the...