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How Being Queer Taught Me to Have Good Straight Sex

"I figured out that I like my straight sex as I like all of...
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I Learned About Sex and Sexuality Through Instagram: The New Guidelines Will Make That Impossible

"I was 20 and desperately trying to understand sexuality and pleasure in their entirety."
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I Am An On Set Intimacy Coordinator – And It Has Helped Me Embrace My Shy Self In Bed

My life started to feel like a rom com: “A celebate Intimacy Coordinator navigates...
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My Body is Only Mine Sometimes: Disability, Medical (Dis)Comfort, and Intimacy

"As disabled folks have been saying for years, disabled sex is hot! But, it...
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Let’s Talk About Sex(ual Self-Care)

Written by Melissa Lee. Art by Anthon Smith. I’ve always been familiar with the...