Celebrating Resilience on Trans Day of Remembrance

"As Black Trans Women who live in the South, we navigate the world carrying our ancestors with us; keeping in mind the societal fears that are set in place to oppress us."


L to R Jamie Freya Knott , Linlee Noelle,  Marleaux Brown, bottom L to R Kae Goode, JayBella Banks

Written by: Kae Goode

Photography by Aurie Singletary

As Black Trans Women who live in the South, we navigate the world carrying our ancestors with us; keeping in mind the societal fears that are set in place to oppress us. The way Black Trans Women in the South live their lives is passed down through the connectedness of ancestry; from the way we walk, our strength, the way we laugh and our resilience.

November 20 is Trans Day of Remembrance and Resilience. As we commemorate our ancestors, we walk in the pathways they left for us. We remember them. We love them. We channel their energy as we live beautifully.

L to R: Marleaux Brown, Jamie Freya Knott,  Linlee Noelle

“When Girls like Us walk out into the world, our bodies are connected to nature, our skin mirroring the soil and Georgia’s infamous clay. The South is connected to our ancestors and in so connected to us.”

Jamie Freya Knott

“Atlanta blossomed my womanhood. I give praise to the deep love of blackness here that allows for me to fully feel my black girl magic, even as a Trans woman.” -Jamie Freya Knott

Jamie Freya Knott

“On our journeys as Black Trans girls, we constantly come into moments of deconstruction, whether it be our femininity, self-love, happiness and liberation.”

Kae Goode

“With many constraints still in place for femme people in our society, developing into “respectful” womanhood and adjusting to the different identity politics can be challenging for Black Trans women.”- Jamie Freya Knott

JayBella Banks

“Don’t be scared to LIVE. Stand up sisters, and let’s live together.” – JayBella Banks

Linlee Noelle, Marleaux Brown, ayBella Banks

“It’s feels amazing waking up everyday living authentically myself. There a lot of people that have paved the way for women like me & sadly lost their lives for living out their truth”- Linlee Noelle

Linlee Noelle

“Finding liberation for Black Trans Women is a journey filled with difficulties – but also filled with beauty worth celebrating.” – Kae Goode

Linlee Noelle, Kae Goode

“As a Trans woman, liberation looks like the right to life. We have been fighting for so long to just live a life that shouldn’t affect others, and I’m grateful for my Trans ancestors who have opened the path to let me be able to live the life I have now.”- Marleaux Brown

Marleaux Brown

Marleaux Brown

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