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What We Are Building. 3,500 Founding Salty Babes (Salty survives for now; Cover our tech, cyber security and legal overheads; Pay our freelance contributors; Create the members only newsletter). 5,000 Founding Salty Babes (Pay part-time staff to help Salty grow; Secure an office in NYC). 7,000 Founding Salty Babes (We work with you to determine what’s next! A podcast network? Products? Saltycon? Let’s figure it out together!)

We need your help.

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Legacy and mainstream media has failed women, trans and nonbinary people. They assumed our straightness, our thinness, our frigidity and our fragility for far too long. They preyed on our insecurities in order to market products to us, and told us stories from one perspective, over and over again.

But Salty isn't legacy media. We’re a radical new publishing platform with a mission to pass the mic to Salty babes across the world and amplify their voices. We’re fighting everyday to ensure the authentic stories of women, trans and nonbinary people are not erased.

But this comes at a price. As Salty takes off, we are faced with increasing overheads costs. There’s no secret bag of cash behind Salty. We are scrappy as hell, mostly working unpaid and need just 7,000 members to survive and thrive.

Invest in media that matters. Click here to make a one off contribution, or our choose-what-you-pay memberships start at $4.99 per month.

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