Emilia Ortiz: How to Find a Reliable Energy Worker

Here, Salty cover star Emilia Ortiz gives some first hand advice on how to pick the right reader for you.


Photo By Lulah Hyers

By Emilia Ortiz

Intro by Claire Fitzsimmons

Having a bad reading can leave you feeling mentally and emotionally drained, confused and upset. A good reading should never make you feel bad- a reader’s job is to help guide you, not scare or upset you. Here, Salty cover star Emilia Ortiz gives some first hand advice on how to pick the right reader for you.

Be Selective

I did get taught that I was not supposed to just let anybody read me. Be very selective – I only had family members do it, or people who I’m connected to by trusted people.

They Don’t Deal in Absolutes

A lot of good readers will tell their clients, “Things are subject to change. What I’m telling you is not set in stone.” You know, there’s little things that you’ll recognize in a good reader or somebody who is a spiritual teacher. If they say to you “you’ll get healed when you’re ready” things like that. They’re not so pushy.

They Shouldn’t Scare You

Be mindful that a good reader is not going to be unethical. If they see something bad that’s coming for you and they need to warn you about and let you know, they’re not gonna amp it up in a way that terrifies you. They’re not out to incite a huge reaction out of you. They’re trying to tell you what it is, they’re going to try to advise you on how to go about it, and what to do. And they may say “you need to be cautious because this is a really big thing that could happen” but they’re not gonna sit here and say [it] to you in a way that’s gonna make you feel like “oh my fucking god. It’s impending doom.” It’s not supposed to be like that, you know?

They Won’t Bully You into Spending Money

Let’s say, you couldn’t afford something that they said they needed to do for you, right? Like they told you “you need to give me $800 to do whatever for you” and you said “I really cannot not afford that.” They can say to you “that’s the price that I have to offer you and that’s that. I understand that you can’t, but I can’t negotiate” But if they end up being nasty, that’s not somebody you should probably be working with. Is that somebody that any of us would feel comfortable going back to? NO.

Try Until You Find the Right One

Unfortunately it’s kind of like dating. You have to try out a few bad ones to recognize “okay this is what I don’t like, this is what I don’t need, this is what I don’t vibe with”.

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Emillia is photographed for Salty by: @lulahyers

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Hair: @nettyjordan

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