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Yes! We accept written submissions.

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As of May 2019, Salty is 100% volunteer driven. While we cannot pay for your stories, we can offer a platform to share your voice and your advice. Salty content is viewed on average, two million times per month.

Please include in this form, short, concise pitch – no longer than one paragraph.If you have a written piece you’d like us to consider, please drop in the URL to a viewable google doc.

Length: 800 – 1000 words

Some tips: Please be concise, and only pitch us if you have a very clear idea of what your article would be about. Please specify what the audience would learn from reading your article. We cover sex, dating and relationship content only.  The Salty tone is funny, smart and honest. Please look over our website and refer to our central brand tenets if you are wondering if your piece/s will fit at Salty. Because of these editorial parameters, we say no to a lot of pitches.

We don’t publish: event coverage, features/interviews with people (who aren’t our cover stars), call out pieces, news, TV /movie/book reviews, retellings of traumatic experiences, or pieces written by cis men. We only publish six original articles per month. We are backed up with content – so please understand that if approved, your article still may not run for some time.

In the Salty spirit of authenticity, we do our best to assign editors to articles written by authors of similar lived experiences.

Stay Salty, babes 😉

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