Bisexuality / Nonbinary

How Getting Non-binary Bisexually Married Finally Sparked My Pride

"They asked me if they should switch my pronouns before I’d worked out how."
Identity / Nonbinary / Relationships

How to Introduce Your Nonbinary Partner to Cis People

A big part of my partner being my ally is correcting people when I...
Bisexuality / Religion

The Sacrament of Queer Confession

"It conditioned me to value the opinions of men; Padre, Hijo, y Espíritu Santo"
Bisexuality / LGBTQIA+

How Gender Bending Characters Helped Me Find My Bisexuality

"To keep my parents in the dark I hung up my Leonardo DiCaprio posters...
Bisexuality / Relationships

Realizing I’m a Not-Really-Straight Woman While in a Straight Marriage

…I kind of know who I am, but where do I fit? What do...